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Digitize your pig production using big data

Big data offers the modern pig producers the chance to optimize and document at a new level. A lot of data from various sources hits modern pig production every day. Yet, how can a modern pig producer interpret all this data? No human can glean any practical information out of it.

In order to utilize big data and obtain knowledge on a routine basis, we must digitalize modern pig production!

At IQinAbox we build the digital platform that utilizes big data – not only at a theoretical level, but also in largescale production. 

We have the knowledge

IQinAbox has the knowledge and ability to make cutting-edge forecast models out of all this data. Using advanced algorithms, we can predict feed consumption and Dynamic Daily Gain using the data already available. 

This provides pig producers, feed companies and slaughterhouses with very useful information to optimize the entire value chain:

  • The pig producer obtains a constant overview of dynamic key point indicators and can easily track whether the production is on track. Furthermore, it is easy to see direct feedback from new actions implemented to optimize production.

  • The feed company will know within 6 hours when the silos are empty and can optimize the infrastructure.


  • The slaughterhouse receives an estimate of the amount for slaughter (in kg) every week and can optimize both production and sale. Furthermore, the carbon footprint can be documented.


Our digitalization platform collects all relevant data from the different data sources through what is known as API’s (Application Programming Interface). IQinAbox compresses and analyses data to create value for the relevant parts of the pig production value chain.​

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Big data

We know that data must be accessible where it will be used. No one wants to open more apps on their smartphone to see the important information - it's just not practical. 

That is why the IQinAbox data platform is incorporated into our own intelligent management system.


Operators record relevant information at the pig facilities – and have instant access to an Overview and Key Point Indicators for the farm on the same screen.

IQinAbox manifest for digitalization:

  1. Minimize the need for manual recordings.

  2. Collect all existing data.

  3. Automatically run a data flow and Key Point Indicators.

  4. Present all available information on ONE platform.

Preparing the entire value chain in modern pig production for the digital future.

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