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Scientifically based monitoring of growing pigs

IQinAbox Aps, University of Copenhagen and SEGES Pig Research Centre are working together on a GUDP (Green Development and Demonstration Program)  funded project to implement and further develop research results related to the real-time monitoring of growing pigs.

We have the knowledge

The budget is approximately 20 million DKK, including 10.9 million DKK granted by GUDP under The Danish Agriculture and Fisheries Agency. Using modern IT technology, the project will improve productivity in the production of growing pigs.


One of the aims of the project is to implement existing research within herd management, thus enabling pig producers to apply this research in their management and decision making. At the same time, we will make data from the commercial surveillance software in the herds available to researchers in order to further develop models. In parallel with model development and implementation, we will – in cooperation with the industry - develop new advisory concepts that optimally utilize real-time monitoring.

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