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Danish Crown Data

IQinAbox ApS has developed a complete, new management tool for pig production in partnership with Danish Crown.


The management tool is called Danish Crown Data and is available to all Danish Crown pig shareholders.


Danish Crown Data creates insights and value for the entire value chain from feed to consumer.

With Danish Crown Data everything concerning a pig production is gathered in one place - from feed deliveries and slaughter data to feed utilization and daily gain. With the dynamic key figures of production efficiency such as daily gain, feed conversion and mortality, the user gets an immediate overview of the efficiency of the pig production. Dynamic key figures in the system are updated as soon as new data are available.

Using Danish Crown Data, you can react quickly if daily gain decreases, or feed consumption or mortality increases.

Danish Crown Data requires users to enter very few events in the app - registrations that you would normally enter anyway to make an E-control. Data from e.g., slaughters and feed deliveries are loaded automatically, and so is insertion of new pigs delivered by SPF.

The Danish Crown Data dashboard gives you a full overview of your production and can be accessed from any computer. The native IOS and Android apps makes it easy to register insertions, movements, sales, or deaths in real-time during daily routines in the stable.

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