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IQinAbox ApS has developed a management tool for pig producers that provides the necessary knowledge and insight to optimize a pig production


We call it PIGS365

Overview at a new level

PIGS365 collects all data regarding your pig production, and our advanced algorithms estimate dynamic growth and feed utilization. Furthermore, PIGS365 dynamically calculates status counts of pigs, the amount of feed used, the mortality rate, and much more.

An E-control shows the average daily gain for a period - but is it increasing or decreasing? With PIGS365, you can continuously follow the development of your pig production and optimize and adjust when growth decreases or when feed consumption or mortality increases.

PIGS365 is user-friendly. An intuitive layout and user interface provides an easy visualization and overview of your production.

With PIGS365, we have made it easy for you and your employees. We integrate with slaughter data from Tican Fresh Meat A/S and feed deliveries from DLG, Danish Agro and Vestjyllands Andel. With a few additional registrations you are well on your way to improve your pig production.

The PIGS365 dashboard gives you the full overview and can be accessed from any computer. The PIGS365 native IOS and Android apps, makes it easy to register insertions, movements, sales, or deaths in real-time during daily routines in the stable.

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