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Helping you run a sustainable pig production

Our Business

Your world is complicated enough as it is. The need to reduce the climate impact, the ever evolving needs of the consumer and volatile sourcing prices are just some of the factors that create complexity. This complexity does not make creating a sustainable pig production any easier, but this is where we can help. Quickly and simply. 

By providing very accurate estimates of the growth rate of pigs through scientifically based monitoring, we simplify data generating for everyone in the value chain. This allows everyone to become more effective while simultaneously reducing the impact on the climate.

We understand the practical aspects of pig production as well as scientific research and can help you take advantage of the latest technological advancements. Using real-time monitoring and big data analysis, we can help you significantly improve productivity and animal welfare while also helping to protect the environment - all at a very low cost. 


It may sound complicated, but it really isn't. It's IQinAbox.


IQinAbox only started a few years back but the founders have several years of knowledge within herd management and analytic modelling.


Already hundreds of pig producers are using our software solutions to optimize and keep track on their production - a digital solution that combines scientific research and big data from a modern pig production.

We are a group of people with very different skills – from high-level analytical calculators and software developers to technical pig persons. We are innovative and our aim is to contribute to the optimization of all aspects of the pig production - both farmer, feed deliverer and abattoirs.

We have the ability to customize our solution, so it fits you and your business' needs within the value chain of pig production.

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