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Press Release: IQinAbox and AgroVision

AgroVision and IQinAbox team up to bring intelligent Big Data solutions to farmers and agribusinesses in livestock production

The digital transformation of industrial agriculture has enabled data to flow seamlessly between farmers and agribusiness. However, transforming these data into valuable insights requires a joint effort from stakeholders in all areas of the livestock industry. Combining farm data from AgroVision with the insight and expertise of data driven modelling and analysis from IQinAbox unlocks the potential of data driven optimization across farmers and agribusiness.

IQinAbox is a Danish company that cooperates closely with universities, agricultural organisations and agribusinesses to develop scientifically based insights through data driven modelling and monitoring. “We have developed our analytics platform in close cooperation with Danish agribusinesses. This ensures the data quality needed to produce reliable calculations and performance” says Nils Toft, who is a leading partner in IQinAbox and former professor in epidemiology at University of Copenhagen and The Technical University of Denmark. “The IQinAbox analytics and insights engine is a unique cloud-based, scalable solution based on advanced statistical methods, insight into the biology of growing pigs and a deep knowledge of the wants and needs of the pig industry”, says Thomas Nejsum Madsen, CEO of IQinAbox.

The IQinAbox backend solutions have already been implemented by Danish Crown, the largest Danish meat producer, and some of the largest Danish feed suppliers are about to join as well. “Together, IQinAbox and AgroVision can help famers, feed suppliers, meat producers and other agribusinesses unlock the potential of their data and improve productivity and supply chains across all stakeholders in industrialised livestock production sectors”, says Thomas Nejsum Madsen.

“Partnering with IQinAbox allows AgroVision to move past traditional BI solutions based on famers data and into model-based insights that allows for a true real-time optimisation of resources across the entire value chain. Alongside addition to our MyAgrovision portal and Grower App, the capabilities of IQinAbox brings value from day one”, adds Jacob Rasmussen, Managing Director of AgroVision.

About AgroVision AgroVision has developed insightful software for the agricultural sector since 1986 and is currently one of the biggest agricultural software developers. From our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium (CercoSoft) and Denmark (AgroSoft), over 175 colleagues help bring our products to the market. We supply and support our software all over the world through our local employees and distributors. Thousands of farmers and companies in the agribusiness sector use our products every day, giving them an excellent insight into their operational management at any time of the day.

Contact For further information please contact Thomas Nejsum Madsen (, mobile +45 4081 3814) or Jacob Rasmussen (, mobile +45 2962 8649)


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