- scientifically based monitoring

Monitoring and data analysis

IQinAbox bridges the gap between scientific research and modern pig production. We employ highly skilled people who understands the practical aspects of pig production as well as scientific papers.


Real time monitoring and big data analysis has the potential to improve productivity and animal welfare. By introducing scientific methods to existing data we can achieve valuable information at a very low cost.

Our aim

One of the aims of IQinAbox is to make existing research within the subject area Herd Management available to the pig producers. At the same time, data from the herds will be available to researchers for further development of models.


In parallel with model development and implementation, we will – in cooperation with the industry - develop new advisory concepts which utilize real-time monitoring optimally.


GUDP Project

IQinAbox, University of Copenhagen and SEGES Pig Research Centre has assembled a team of very strong competences for implementing and further developing research results within real-time monitoring of growing pigs. 


The leading team behind IQinAbox

Thomas Nejsum Madsen
Founder of IQinAbox and Ph.D in the field of Herd Management.
Nils Toft
Leading partner in IQinAbox, former Professor at DTU Veterinary Institute.

Contact IQinAbox

Thomas Nejsum Madsen

The Camp, Klausdalsbrovej 601

2650 Ballerup, Denmark

+45 4081 3814


scientifically based monitoring